Athenaeum presents: A workshop with Mariken Overdijk

25 april 2024

Come to Athenaeum Boekhandel Spui, on Thursday 25 April, 19.00, where Publisher ArtEZpress presents the publication, The City as Anthology: Movements at the Margins of Public Space by Mariken Overdijk.

Admission is free, please register via [email protected]. See you then! 

On this evening you also have the chance to follow an DIY walk-on-paper workshop by Mariken Overdijk herself!
The workshop is a one-to-one performative experiment enticing passersby to reveal a glimpse of a seemingly unspectacular ritual of the human body that gets up every day. You will follow a script to describe your morning route as closely as possible with a pencil on paper. Thus, revealing a hidden choreography of what goes on behind the facades of the city.

  • Date is Thursday April 25th
  • The program starts at 19:00
  • Language is in English

About this event

On this occasion, you are invited to go on a walk with another person, whom might be just a passer-by. You are provided with a short script to introduce this walk-on-paper.

How to connect the unnoticed to a way of ‘flâner’ and ‘dériving’ inside and outside the urban plane? The idea advanced in this performative method, is that the series of small-scale encounters, plus the role of spectator/wanderer in this city, may contribute to imagination and identification of a hidden poetic quality of routings (and routines) of inhabitants within an urban-landscape. This identification conveys an awareness of the imaginary space of the everyday that connects to a personal and local urban condition.

Together we explore how your body shows you the way and reveals the route your feet took. And how your day starts each and every time, with a purely physical act & walk.

About The City as Anthology: Movements at the Margins of Public Space

This book is about bodies. About how bodies traverse the familiar surroundings of one’s home or move along the familiar routes of everyday life, but also about the relation of bodies to the public space. On another level, the book shows what the meaning of artistic research can be.
Research recounts experiments and experiences, collections and vistas gained by the researcher during the course of their work. This book shows that any good (artistic) research creates futures. The book stages research, wanders, interrogates, describes, draws, explores, and thus offers a series of choreographies of ordinary life.
Mariken Overdijk makes clear that a work of art is not a one-time, singular event, but creates a possibility that, however minimal, changes live forever.

About Mariken Overdijk

Mariken Overdijk is a performance artist with an interest in installation and physical performativity through
Urban Choreography, Writing, Still & Moving Image and Autopsychogeography. In addition to her artistic
practice, Mariken Overdijk teaches Performance and works as a coordinator at VAV-moving image department,
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.

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