Kickstarter x People of Print

25 augustus 2019

Fancy hopping on a quick flight to come and talk about independent publishing with Kickstarter and us at Athenaeum Boekhandel bookstore in Amsterdam, Sunday, August 25th at 14:00 – 17:30 CEST? We've joined forces with Kickstarter to celebrate the fast-growing independent publishing industry using this event as a calling card for creatives to come and submit their publication ideas. Many projects use Kickstarter as a crowdfunding tool to raise the funds to manufacture their projects and having been host to thousands of successful campaigns and sharing our love of print, publishing and advocating the independent, through this collaboration, we hope to create a fair, valuable way of getting projects out there without stifling the individual.


‘As a Public Benefit Company, we’re linking up with organisations that share our values on initiatives that give support and visibility to those underrepresented in their fields. We see it every day on our platform, passionate independent writers and publishers have developed innovative ways to connect with audiences and create economic opportunities in an uncertain time. Through an Open Call, in collaboration with People Of Print, we hope to inspire even more unique publication creators to navigate the independent publishing model.’ — Kickstarter

To launch this exciting partnership, we're holding an event at Athenaeum Boekhandel on Sunday the 25th of August from 2pm - 5:50pm. Athenaeum's store is a great creative hub selling a huge range of books, magazines, zines and other printed items so made perfect sense for us to host our open-call event here.

Colleagues from our team, as well as Kickstarter's, will be there to take submissions or show you how to do so, discuss ideas and give helpful advice from experienced creatives in a welcome, informal environment. In order to expand the publishing arm People of Print (In Perpetuum), we'll be taking on (accepted) publications offering mentorship and advice during the planning stages, help with the Kickstarter campaign creation and promotion / marketing, sourcing the print and finishing, offer warehouse storage and distribution, along with online sales and representation at all of the global book fairs that we attend throughout the year.

Free drinks will be available to those who RSVP to the event and we'll have some very exclusive archived copies of the Print Isn't Dead magazine issues 1 & 2 on display.

This is an amazing opportunity to network so get RSVPing and we'll see you there!

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