Opening Paperbound Zine Fair

27 oktober 2023

PAPERBOUND was born in 2022 out of love for zines and a grant from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. This year we're again funded by AFK so we hope to bring you an exciting event once again. Join us for the weekend of the 27th untill the 29th of October at DE BOUWPUT, AGA LAB & Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum. We'll open the fair at the Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum on Friday the 27th at 17:00 with a small talk about what's to come. 

Eddy de Clercq will talk about his De Koer Memorabilia zine around 18:00! The zine contains two cassettes and a poster from his 1982 post punk club De Koer on Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. Expect some cool stories on post punk, tape culture and zine culture.

Bring your work and join the walk-in riso workshops at DE BOUWPUT on Saturday and Sunday. Or have your T-Shirt printed at AGA LAB, also on Saturday and Sunday. There will also be two presentations by Not Just a Collective and Roots to Fruits about their zines and work at the Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum, check the exact schedule per location here.

There will be tasty bites and drinks by Japanese Kitchen Hiro and resident. DJ Field Marshall Fred will take care of the musical selection. And of course check our tabling participants here.

This years locations:


The white cube is, within the contemporary art world, understood to be a space stripped of all its context, an empty container. Within these spaces, the exhibited artworks determine what the conversation will be about. But how this conversation develops will depend on all people involved in the exhibitions. From artistic directors, curators and artists to visitors. DE BOUWPUT gallery located in studio 74 of Broedplaats Bouw carries the not so subtle subtitle “Anarchy in a white cube.”

Within this space, they try to break down all (superfluous) hierarchical structures. Based on mutual aid, direct action and horizontalism. The gallery was set up in 2017 by Peim van der Sloot and Marnix Postma. It serves as an exhibition space for the tenants of Bouw, as well as members of the community and neighbours who require such a space. It has functioned, based on self-organisation ever since. There is only 1 rule: that after use, one returns the space to its neutral conditions: white walls, grey floor. DE BOUWPUT gallery is not a conventional art gallery, our space is artist-run and non-profit, which means the users are responsible for their own event, including promotion, documentation, and catering.

Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

The Newscenter is an important pillar of the identity of the Athenaeum bookstore as well as a gravitational force to creative minds, local and from abroad. Athenaem boasts a unique selection of magazines and zines from all over the world.


AGA LAB is a creative space and laboratory for crossovers in technique, material and image. Not only for the autonomous art field, but also for the graphic, industrial and textile, digital and social design field. By being a platform, AGA LAB is the practical link between latent ideas and physical end-results – a route of specialisation, immersion and experimentation. For many artists in the graphic art world, AGA LAB is a starting point for their work and stimulates their free range and creative research. AGA LAB expressively searches for the dialogue between artists, photographers, designers and other creative professionals on social developments.

AGA LAB offers context for research, experiment and production to national and international creators, by being specialised in a broad range of graphic techniques.
AGA LAB chooses for perpetual discovery and experimentation. We also research environmental and circular workflow in the graphic arts.
AGA LAB wants to excite not only existing but also new target audiences into creative craftsmanship.Our work field and network are local, national and international. At the same time, AGA LAB chooses for a global approach for connecting local and international talents, cultural infrastructures and residents. With this (inter)national network role and the Artist in Residence program AGA LAB actively stimulates mobility and interaction from (international) artistic practices.

AGA LAB has been founded as ‘Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (AGA)’ in 1958 as a facility for Amsterdam-based artists who couldn’t afford their own studio. AGA LAB has grown into a well-equipped open atelier and organises master classes, workshops, lectures and presentations. We strive to research the medium in as many perspectives as possible. AGA LAB has developed into a laboratory for artists, designers and other creative professionals who want to experiment with graphic techniques. That’s why AGA proceeded as AGA LAB as of spring 2016.

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