An evening with Sofa Magazine's Ricarda Messner

25 augustus 2016
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Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum presents an evening with publisher and co-editor Ricarda Messner (Flaneur Magazine) about her new magazine Sofa. Join us for a Q&A by Toine Doink (Das Magazin) on August 25th, 6PM, Spui 14.

'Sofa is a new magazine that uncovers and defines the now and looks into the near future. Exploring one tantalizing, terrifying, tantamount or taboo topic per issue while sitting on a digital/analog sofa with cool & controversial people.'

'Unlike Flaneur, which is very much about exploring a physical place, Sofa is about the digital world and both the cyber and face-to-face conversations that we have every day. Its ironic and loud visual language has already proven to be divisive amongst Flaneur fans and readers.' - Magculture

Listen to Messner about Flaneur, last year.

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