LAUNCH: NXS#2: Synthetic Selves

16 november 2017

Issue 2 from Amsterdam based independent magazine NXS will be launched on thursday November 16 at 18:00 at the Athenaeum newscentre, Spui 14-16. The editors and contributors will be present for a Q&A.


Earlier this year the first issue of NXS about Cyber Sensuality gained critical acclaim in the indie magazine world.

Issue two is about Synthetic Selves.

About NXS:

NXS exists to connect ideas and introduce new reflections, as a printed platform that experiments with new ways of transmitting information and radically connecting diverse points of view within one issue. NXS works as a series, questioning 'the self' in the age of digital technology and technology-mediated relationships.

magCulture: 'The magazine is conscious of its physical space; its printed pages offer a place away from the digital world, to give the distance and time needed to create new perspectives. Through its interconnected stories, NXS responds to our fraught online existence by building a physical community of ideas. This new and exciting approach to magazine publishing reacts well to timely issues.'

STACK: 'There’s a LOT to say about NXS magazine, and I hope I’ve managed to do it justice in the video below. Pronounced ‘nexus’, it’s a meeting place for ideas and opinions on the human experience in a digital world. This first issue is themed around cyber sensuality, musing on the places where our screens end and our fleshy bits begin, and the weird blurring that has taken place in that space. This is the sort of exciting independent publishing I love to see, and I’m really looking forward to finding out where their exploration will take them next.'

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