Launch Ordinary #3: Cotton Buds

21 september 2016 tot 21 september 2016

Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum invites you to the launch of Ordinary #3: Cotton Buds, September 21st, 6.30pm to 7.30pm, to drinks and a Q&A with the makers.

About Ordinary Cotton Buds:

Ordinary is a quarterly fine art photography magazine which takes a refreshing look at the mundane objects around us. 
Every issue revolves around one of these ordinary objects, which also comes as an extra inside the magazine. 
This object is sent to artists from around the world, to work their magic with it. 

Cotton buds consist of a small wad of cotton wrapped around one or both ends of a short rod, usually made of plastic. 
They are commonly used in a variety of applications including cleaning your ears, first aid, cosmetics, and arts and crafts.

Ordinary Artists:

AKATRE, Mauricio Alejo, Gustav Almestål, Jessica Backhaus, Annegien van Doorn, Daniel Eatock, Tobias Faisst, Kostis Fokas, Maurizio Di Iorio, Thomas Nondh Jansen, Csilla Klenyánszk, Chris Maggio, meatwreck, Andrew B. Myers, Olya Oleinic, PUTPUT, Slinkachu, Helmut Smits, Daniel Stier, Li Wei

Concept: Max Siedentopf
Design: Yuki Kappes

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