Books That Will Save Your Life: Bookclub, Flesh and Blood

16 maart 2016

In cooperation with Spui25  and Etcetera (study association for English Language and Culture, UvA) Athenaeum Roeterseiland is organising four Bookclub Evenings. The second one, on Michael Cunningham's Flesh and Blood, will take place on March 16  (from 5pm onward). Enroll underneath!

Dear booklover,

Register here for the Books That Will Save Your Life Event Bookclub: Flesh and Blood

We are looking forward to seeing you at Athenaeum Bookstore Roeterseiland (Roetersstraat 41, 1018 WB), March 16 from 5pm onwards.

If you are unable to attend, please let us know via  [email protected] 


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