Guus Valk and Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal on Obama: Dream & Legacy

05 september 2016 tot 05 september 2016
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What have eight years of Barack Obama brought the U.S.? Was the change he promised America for better or worse? Two top Dutch experts on changing American society will take the stage at the John Adams Institute to explore topics such as the vanishing middle class, immigration and inequality, the decline of many important American institutions, but also the status of American society today on the eve of groundbreaking elections. September 5th, 8pm - 10pm Guus Valk will give a talk about his book Obamaland, followed by a discussion with Guus Valk, Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal and other guests, with John Adams-director Tracy Metz as moderator. Comedy company Boom Chicago will also perform an excerpt from their show called Angry White Men: Trump up the Volume.

Guus Valk is the U.S. correspondent for NRC Handelsblad and has written the book Obamaland. On the basis of his travels through the U.S. he describes the growing polarization in the U.S., but also sees that the American Dream is still alive. Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal is a journalist for Nieuwsuur and created an eight-episode television series for VPRO, called Droomland Amerika, in which he explores the impact of eight years of Obama on American society. The series will air starting on September 11, but the John Adams Institute offers a sneak preview on September 5th in the form of a number of clips from the series.

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