Ariel Levy on the manufacturability of life

13 oktober 2017

At the Balie there will be a conversation with Levy about her most recent book, The Rules Do Not Apply: A Memoir, and the manufacturability of life. The event will take place on friday the 13th of october at 20:00. What can we expect from life? Is control an illusion? In addition, we talk to Levy about her journalistic work, in which women are key figures. What does it mean to be a woman nowadays?

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'Everything happens for a reason.' American writer and journalist Ariel Levy considers this total nonsense. Not everything happens for a reason. In fact: stop searching for reasons explaining misfortune. You cannot live on your own terms. After Levy had a miscarriage, lost her wife and her house, all in a short period, this realization came as a bolt out of the blue. She shares her story and ideas in her book The Rules Do Not Apply: A Memoir.

Ariel Levy is an American writer and editor at The New Yorker magazine. She writes about amongst other things lesbian culture, drug use in America, and gender roles. In her previous book, Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture (2005) she criticized the pornographic video series Girls Gone Wild, making her fresh voice heard in feminism. The Rules Do Not Apply: A Memoir is her most recent book in which she again proves to be innovative.

Nina Polak, fiction and non-fiction writer, will join the conversation. Polak writes about popular culture for De Correspondent. Early 2018 her second novel will be published. Female characters have a prominent role in her works.

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