Blockchain: The Next Everything

13 mei 2019
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Join De Balie on the 13th of May (8:00 pm) for an evening to understand blockchain technology, the big next everything. Journalist and author Stephen Williams will talk about the importance of blockchain for the future and his book Blockchain

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What is blockchain? Why does everyone, from tech experts to business moguls, believe it is bound to revolutionize society as significantly as the internet? Join us for an evening that helps us understand what it is, how it works and what the implications are for the future of our world.

Journalist and author Stephen Williams, who also heads a sustainable fashion startup which uses blockchain technology to manage distributed manufacturing, believes that blockchain is the technology that will lead us into a startlingly different future, where profit is clean and trust is a given. But are the blockchain logarithms not too difficult to keep the process honest? Do only people with the right hardware and capital have a seat at the virtual table? Who are the people and organizations in charge of blockchain? In Blockchain: The Next Everything, Williams describes how cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are just one example of transformative applications made possible by this relatively new technology. He makes clear why blockchain is so important for our future: it can help with everything from voting rights to economic inequality to corporate transparency to climate change. Blockchain: The Next Everything is an illuminating tour of a mind-bending new economic model – with the verve and page-turning appeal of a novel.

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