In search of 'an European people'

12 mei 2019
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On May 12 (8:30 pm) De Balie will host an event on the upcoming European elections. The event will evolve around the question if there is 'an European people' or 'an European identity'. The guests are German-French journalist Géraldine Schwarz and French philosopher Raphaël Enthoven. This evening is moderated by Sophie Derkzen. Tickets are € 13,00.


Leading up to the European elections in May De Balie explores the notion of European citizenship and European identity. Can we speak of a true European people? And, if so, what would be its characteristics? Two thinkers with opposing opinions from neighbouring countries France and Germany in conversation.

The Berlin-based journalist Géraldine Schwarz says that the concept of a European identity is centered on west European countries and excludes the eastern ones. The French philosopher Raphaël Enthoven claims that there is no such thing as an European identity or an European people. EU politicians should focus on civic values such as solidarity, justice and freedom instead.

We will talk about the possible outcome of the European elections: how important is the notion of a European demos and its heterogeneity or homogeneity for Europe’s future?

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