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Launch Kate Raworth Doughnut Economics

08 januari 2018 tot 08 januari 2018
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Seven ways to think like a 21st century economist. On Monday the 8th of January, 20:00, Kate Raworth will be presenting ideas from her book Doughnut economics at Pakhuis de Zwijger

The current economic paradigm doesn't work. The crisis did not only show the structural problems and the perverse incentives of the system, but also that the theory behind it is hopelessly outdated. Never-ending growth, the rational man that only acts on self-interest, linear economy; all of these ideas belong to the past, not the future. All around us we see the rising urgency for a new economy. And it looks like a doughnut. A metaphor for the external ecological boundaries, which we cannot cross, and the internal social foundation of human rights, which we need to safeguard at all times. A new design, with new values for a new economy: Kate Raworth presents us the economic model for the 21st century.

  • We delve deeper into the topic of alternative economic models in a panel conversation with economist Lex Hoogduin and head of Waag Society Marleen Stikker. Lex Hoogduin understands the hopeful optimism that is the driving force behind the renewal of our current economic model, but also poses critical questions. Waag Society is a place where experiments thrive and makes for an innovative force in our economy. How does Marleen Stikker look at the ideas of Kate Raworth? We value interaction with the audience; there is time for questions before and after the panel conversation.
  • We close the evening with a column from financial geographer and publicist Ewald Engelen about the importance of a new economic model and its impact on The Netherlands.

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