Rethink Aleppo: The City Always Wins

05 mei 2017
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May 5th we'll be imagining and designing a city of the future. With talks, a variety of workshops and an Eat to Meet 'vrijheidsmaaltijd' in Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Admission free, reservations via De Zwijger.

Aleppo is one of the oldest cities in the world and has been rebuilt many times before. We will dive into history and the elements that make Aleppo, a distinct city with AlHakam Shaar from The Aleppo Project and Dutch Historian Geert Mak. Then we look into historical examples of rebuilding cities from Afghanistan to Macedonia. After that, young Syrian designers will share their sense of design of Syrian homes. We are then ready to imagine future scenarios for Aleppo. You can choose one of three workshops on future city making. Join us and contribute to cutting edge ideas, disruptive innovations, out of the box efforts, hardcore research and diverse networks about place making and building future cities. Naturally, exercises in hopeful futures include music, films, beauty and dinner!

With, among others Geert Mak, Historian; AlHakam Shaar, Holbrooke Fellow for The Aleppo Project, Shattuck CCNR (Syria/Hungary); Mari Farwy, Designer, Rethink (Syria/Netherlands); Michael Barchini, Designer, Rethink (Syria/Netherlands), Biljana Volcevska, PhD student at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry at Utrecht University; Jan Willem Petersen, Founder Specialist Operations; Yasser Almaamoun, Architect, Foreign Minister of the Center for Political Beauty (Syria/Germany); Nour Harastani, Architect and Urban Researcher (Syria/Germany), Edwar Hanna, Urban Practitioner (Syria/Austria); Arto Sivonen, Creative Urban Activist (Finland); Wasim Arslan, Singer from Aleppo; Jawa Manla, Aleppine Ud Musician.

Talks: What is Aleppo?

  • Historian Geert Mak (skype): How are Amsterdam and Aleppo related? The Second World War has shaped our present and the Syrian refugees shape our future.
  •  AlHakam Shaar is Holbrooke Fellow for The Aleppo Project at the Shattuck Center on Conflict, Negotiations, and Recovery at Central European University in Budapest. He studies Aleppians’ narratives of the war and the rebuilding of the city. He will give us an insight into a 7000-year-old city. A city on the borders of Turkey and Syria. A city used to connect the Silk Road with Europe. Aleppo has always had a distinct identity, similar to a state city, resembling Venice and Amsterdam. What are the elements that make Aleppo, Aleppo?
  • Panel discussion on rebuilding cities after a conflict with Biljana Volcevska, AlHakam Shaar and Jan Willem Petersen. What can we learn from examples from Afghanistan to Macedonia?
  • Syrian designers Mari Farwy and Michael Barchini will share images and impressions of ‘The sense of home for Syrians’. 


After setting the context we imagine a city of the future by city making workshops:

Eat to Meet #13: Aleppo Special

Join us for a special ‘vrijheidsmaaltijd’ edition of our monthly informal dinner where you get the chance to meet (new) Amsterdammers. Dinner is served at 19:00 h. More information and RSVP.

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