Anne Applebaum: The future is now #1 | Propaganda & fake news

10 februari 2020

On Monday the 10th of February (20.00 PM) Anne Applebaum will speak at the Rode Hoed about fake news and disinformation. Ten years ago, the idea that fake news and disinformation might become a problem for Western nations seemed far-fetched. 

Today, it has become one of the major issues that is challenging democracies. Its effects undermine voters' abilities to make well-informed political choices and weaken the trust in democratic institutions. Exploring the relation between information, the exchange of opinions and political discourse is therefore very urgent and of vital importance.  


At the kick-off event of The Future is Now we examine the status of (dis)information and the implosion of trust in democratic institutions. How can we prepare ourselves for the post-fake news age? 

Our guest speaker is Anne ApplebaumThe Atlantic columnist, Pulitzer-Prize winning historian and professor of Practice at the London School of Economics. She is a renowned expert in the research and analysis of propaganda and polarisation, and the impact this has on our social and political community.

The future is now. Globalisation and modern technology have influenced our lives in ways we could have never imagined. Silicon Valley's digital revolution has divided the world into countless political bubbles and political shifts are increasingly difficult to predict. In this highly polarised world it’s almost impossible to have fruitful discussions, let alone agree on anything.

Daan Roovers, 'Thinker Laureate' of the Netherlands, invites global thinkers, eminent philosophers and experts to reflect with us on the biggest global challenges of our time. In three episodes we delve into various topics that reflect on the state of the world and try to answer the following questions: What are the challenges ahead? What should we be aware of? Which problems are we overlooking or underestimating? And what should we do to prepare for this?

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