Athenaeum presents: Liberalism, a masterclass by Deirdre McCloskey

12 november 2019

The greatest challenges facing humankind, according to Deirdre McCloskey, are poverty and tyranny, both of which hold people back. In this masterclass, November 12th, 5 PM at SPUI25, McCloskey argues for a return to true liberal values and she’ll demonstrate how embracing the ideas first espoused by eighteenth-century philosophers like Locke, Smith, Voltaire, and Wollstonecraft is good for everyone. Moderated by Paul Teule.


In her new book Why Liberalism Works. How True Liberal Values Produce a Freer, More Equal, Prosperous World for All McCloskey shows how the adoption of Enlightenment ideals of liberalism has propelled the freedom and prosperity that defines the quality of a full life. In her view, liberalism leads to equality, but equality does not necessarily lead to liberalism. Liberalism is an optimistic philosophy that depends on the power of rhetoric rather than coercion, and on ethics, free speech, and facts in order to thrive. Paul Teule will moderate this conversation with Deirdre McCloskey and the public.

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About the speakers

Deirdre Nansen McCloskey has been distinguished professor of economics and history and professor of English and communications at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the author of numerous books, including Bourgeois Equality: How Ideas, Not Capital or Institutions, Enriched the World and her latest book Why Liberalism Works. How True Liberal Values Produce a Freer, More Equal, Prosperous World for All.

Paul Teule is lecturer in European political economy in the European Studies program in the Department of History, Archeology and Area Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He also works towards a PhD dissertation under the supervision of prof.dr. Arjo Klamer. He studied economics and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam.

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