Presocratenavond in Spui25 (geannuleerd)

12 april 2018
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April 12th, from 20.00 until 21.30 in Spui25, Athenaeum Boekhandel presents a Presocraten evening in collaboration with Harvard University Press and NKV in honour of the Week van de Klassieken and the publication of nine new volumes in the acclaimed Loeb Classical Library series. These nine new volumes on the early Greek philosophers constitute a landmark for modern-day knowledge of pre-Platonic philosophy. The publication of the extant fragments in forty-three chapters epitomises the aims the Loeb Classical Library have been realising for over a century: to make ancient texts more accessible for a larger audience.

Due to personal circumstances this event is cancelled.

Early Greek philosophy had always been the domain of the scholar in the higher tiers of academic life. With this ambitious new collection, Harvard University Press has made sure the Loeb Classical Library realises what it set out to do: to proliferate knowledge of the entirety of ancient literature in Greek and Latin. At the same time, the editors of the new volumes had to make important choices in the presentation of the material. Choices that perhaps shed new light on a literary debate hitherto hidden in academic obscurity. One of these revolutionary stances has been to treat Socrates as a Sophist.

This, amongst a broader variety of subjects, we’ll expound in discussion with co-editor of the Loeb series and professor Glenn Most, Mirte Liebregts and Hugo Koning. The evening will be moderated by Diederik Burgersdijk.

About the speakers

Glenn Most is an American classicist and comparatist, teaching as a Professor of Ancient Greek at the Scuola Normale at Pisa. He is co-editor of the nine new instalments of the Loeb Classical Library we’ll be discussing the 12th of April.

Diederik Burgersdijk is lecturer Latin at Radboud University and researcher at the Allard Pierson Museum, University of Amsterdam. His most recent book about religious matters from Late Antiquity till the present time, De Sluipwesp en de Lelien, was published in Dutch at Athenaeum Publishers.

Mirte Liebregts is a PhD at Radboud University. She obtained her BA and MA in Classics at the University of Amsterdam and at the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA) and completed a Master of Studies (M.St.) in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature at the University of Oxford.

Hugo Koning doceert klassieken aan de Universiteit Leiden en het Stanislascollege in Delft. Hij promoveerde in 2010 op de antieke receptie van Hesiodos. Zijn interessegebieden zijn epos, mythologie en receptie van de klassieken. Pasgeleden verscheen van zijn hand een vertaling van de gedichten van Theognis. Momenteel werkt hij samen met Leopoldo Iribarren aan een congresbundel over de relatie tussen de presocraten en Hesiodos.

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