Stack Magazines' Steven Watson in conversation with Migrant Journal editors Justinien Tribillon and Isabel Seiffert

21 juni 2017 tot 21 juni 2017
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Migrant Journal is one of the most fascinating titles that emerged in the independent magazine landscape last year. It aims at exploring the relationship between events, journeys and spaces bound under the idea of ‘migration’ in all its forms, crucial to understand today’s society. June 21st, 8pm, we will investigate the making of the magazine and the urgency of its topics.

In association with WeTransfer, Steven Watson from Stack Magazines in conversation with editors Justinien Tribillon and Isabel Seiffert from Migrant Journal. Before the event in SPUI25 we gather at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum at 19:00 for some magazine browsing and drinks.

Made in Switzerland with an international editorial team, Migrant Journal gained immediate attention. The design is immaculate with their own strong typographic style; to be explored while perusing the pages! The magazine will publish six issues and issue two, 'Wired Capital', just came out. It explores the circulation of people, goods, information, but also fauna and flora, around the world and the transformative impact they have on space. While migration is part of humanity’s genesis, it seems the phenomenon has become ubiquitous, happening faster, with complex ramifications.

About the speaker

Steven Watson: “I started Stack because I think people want something better to read. There are piles of fantastic magazines out there just waiting to be discovered, and Stack makes it cheaper and easier than ever for people to find and enjoy them. Finding quality independent magazines can be difficult – most people don’t live near a great magazine shop, and there are so many options online that it’s easy to get lost amongst the pixels. Stack acts as a filter, selecting the best independent titles and supplying them at the best price via our subscription service and our weekly Sampler offer.”


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