Hox How To: Hone Your Eye For Interiors

04 februari 2018 tot 04 februari 2018
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First up at The Hoxton, Amsterdam, join our inspirational interiors experts who’ll host a day of hands-on masterclasses and panel debates, bestowing unique insight and firing up your ambitions for 2018. You are welcome on 4 February, from 11.00-19.30, Herengracht 255.

New for 2018, The Hoxton presents Hox How To - a global event series which takes a deep dive into the topics that are shaping cultural genres in the here and now. We’ve hooked up with the most exciting creative pioneers and hardest-to-access experts within each neighbourhood - in Shoreditch, we’ll be musing over music, in Holborn we’ll be honing in on the fashion world, Paris will be our tech hub and in Amsterdam we’ll showcase design.

Potential, Potential, Potential: Restoration Workshop

Workshop 11:00-14:00  //  Games Room Book Here €8

Snapped up a piece that you know is chock-full of potential, but not quite sure how to realise it? Bring your vintage and second-hand finds to The Hoxton to garner tips from the pros at Van Dijk & Ko on turning ‘one man’s trash’ into treasure, with tools on-hand to set you on the right track. 

*NB Don’t forget to bring your piece with you!

Balancing Form and Function In Your Home

Panel Talk 12:30-13:30  //  Living Room Book Here €8

Your home should be the perfect ergonomic fit for your lifestyle - join our panel of experts from the design team at MADE.COM as well as Desiree Groenendal and Wendy van Woudenberg, co-founders of w/Style Agency, as they impart their wisdom on striking the perfect balance between form and function. Whether that’s balancing the space symmetrically, asymmetrically or radially, considering where natural light falls against shade, textures that bring points of relief and the way that the space responds to movement, we’ll cover it all – with special attention paid to home-hacks that streamline city living

Make it Mini: Hacks For A Capsule Home

Panel Talk 14:30-15:30  //  Living Room Book Here €8

If you’re living in the city, chances are you’re not rolling in an excess of space. The good thing is that all our favourite interiors influencers are dealing with those same problems, too. In this panel talk, Elisah Jacobs, founder of Interior Junkie, and the interior design team at MADE.com dish on the tricks they’ve used to turn their tiny Amsterdam bolt-holes into #interiorinspo.

The Makers’ Studio: Ceramics by Herman Verhagen

Workshop 15:00-17:00  //  Games Room Book Here €8

JC Herman is one of 50 creators working within the Dutch design collective, The Makers, Amsterdam. Herman’s love for ceramic craft originated in his work as a 3D animator in Paris, before he moved over to the Herenstraat to swap digital rendering for raw materials, establishing his potter’s atelier. Each one of his ceramics is sculpted by hand, and within our Hoxton Makers’ Studio workshop, he will teach you the time-worn techniques for crafting your own pot.

Trending Tones and Seasonal Styles: SS18 Trends In Interior Décor

Panel Talk 16:30-17:30  //  Living Room Book Here €8

Feng Shui was the buzzword that dominated design circles in the 90s, to be replaced with Manhattan loft-style industrialism in the 00s; every interior era is steeped in cultural trend. As recently as 2016, we’ve seen the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ take hold with natural, enveloping textures, until balance was restored by the Swedes in 2017 with their ‘just enough’ philosophy, ‘lagom’. Join our panellists, Dax Roll and Joyce Urbanus (interior designers and co-founders of Nicemakers) and Jacomien van Haersma Buma-Zandt (interior designer and co-founder of Fortunata) as they look at trends from filament lightbulbs to connected tech homes to the post-succulent revolution.

Into The Wildernis

Workshop 18:00-19:30  //  Games Room Book Here €8

In partnership with cult Amsterdam houseplant design brand Wildernis, we will present a masterclass in form and foliage; our experts will impart their green-fingered wisdom to guests while showing them how to curate their own high-impact hanging pot from succulents, grasses, trailers and palms. Get ready for 2018 Pinterest goals.

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