Postcolonial Europe

02 juni 2018
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June 2nd, 16h, Theater Bellevue. An afternoon with philosopher Achille Mbembe. According to him it is time for a radical change of our worldview. Europe should take responsibility for its influence and actions beyond the borders of the European continent and acknowledge the existence of upcoming non-western regions. During the Forum Mbembe will share his ideas on what a postcolonial world order should look like. Ticket prices range from €12,50 to €15,-



Where does Europe stand in today’s globalised world where people, products and knowledge continuously cross borders and citizens from around the world are more connected than ever before?  According to philosopher Achille Mbembe, one of the most famous postcolonial thinkers today, it is time for a radical change of worldview. Europe should leave its comfortable island of the past. Instead, Europe should take responsibility for its actions, recognize how it has influenced regions outside its borders, and acknowledge upcoming non-Western regions. What is needed to bring about such a big shift in perspective, and to what effect? And how can we define a European identity and culture in a postcolonial world order? In this programme, Achille Mbembe shares his vision and reflects on what a more just future look like. We will kick-off with a theatrical introduction by the young and talented writer, director, and storyteller Ogutu Muraya.

Achille Mbembe (Cameroon, 1957) is a leading philosopher and political theorist who has written extensively on African politics and postcolonial theory. He has been affiliated to renowned universities such as Berkeley, Columbia and Yale University. Mbembe is most known for his book Critique of Black Reason.

Ogutu Muraya (Kenia, 1986) is a theatre maker, writer and storyteller who performs worldwide. He currently resides in Amsterdam as artist in residence.


Ticket prices range from €12,50 to €15,-

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