Blessed Mamma Rosa

Blessed Mamma Rosa Humble love makes great the meek BARBAN, Bernardino Angelo ; Pasquale, Gianluigi

This book tells the story of a marvellous mother: the Blessed Eurosia Fabris Barban (1866-1932), the first person to be beatified outside Rome during the pontificate of Benedict XVI, which event took place in Vicenza on 6th November 2005. This book tells the story of the simple, humble life of a woman of the common people, who dedicated herself totally and heroically to her love for her family.

She had nine children, of whom three became priests, and also welcomed another three into her family as adopted children. Profoundly at one with Christ, in an intense Christian existence forged by prayer and charity, she opened up her pure and gentle heart, making her own life and that of whoever met her full of happiness and unshakeable joy in Divine Providence. Eurosia, which means in Greek 'of a sound bodily constitution and inner character' had a particular devotion to the Holy Spirit, was drawn to Eucharist Adoration, put her trust always in the help of Our Lady who never fails and constantly prayed for souls waiting to be called to eternal glorification. She understood that to live a Christian life was both the simplest and the most beautiful choice that anyone could make, a choice of 'peace and goodwill'. A seamstress and catechist in her own parish of Marola (Vicenza), she enriched her own natural beauty with that which came from her Christian way of life, following faithfully the Rule of the Franciscan tertiaries, and having the gift of inner dialogue with Jesus himself. 'Mother Rosa' as she is known amongst the simple and humble people of the diocese of Vicenza, in Italy and in the United States, has heard the prayers of many of the faithful, above all those of young wives, not only interceding for them with the gift of maternity but also favouring adoptions and helping young seminarians in difficulty, encouraging them to follow their vocation and actively supporting their families.

Levertijd: 5 tot 10 werkdagen.


Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
293 pp.

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