YAPN - Yet Another Photographer's Notebook

YAPN - Yet Another Photographer's Notebook Daniel Casper Lohenstein

Proceeding systematically and registering data is the starting point to develop techniques and procedures. This book will help you to visualize, calculate exposure in relation to bellows extensions, filter factor and reciprocity and estimate depth of field. It wants to be a compact companion, everywhere, in every occasion.

Charts in chronological order provide systematical guidelines. 140 printed forms are waiting for your collected data to be filled in ( e.g. 140 single sheet film negatives or 140 medium format films with 12 exposures on each film). Mastery is not achieved with buying expensive devices or comparing MTF charts. To have routines, training and revision in everyday practise is far more important.

Photography is not rocket science. You control perspective, image placement and depth of field on your ground glass. - You define textured shadows and highlights in III and VII and adjust exposure and development to get some contrast. - You know about bellows extension factors and filter factors because making a portrait in 4x5 inch is macro photography and you use an external light meter. Simply add the exposure values in the charts, successively. Did you ever mention to do macro photography with a DX / FX SLR and an incident light meter, e.g. a Sekonic L28c2 or a Gossen Luna-Pro? Why not? It is possible and far more satisfying than 3D matrix metering through the lens. - Large format cameras do not have a depth of field scale. Just read the tables below to make an estimated guess. - But be aware: these charts result from personal experiences: of course there will be no warranty in case of failure.

If you want to learn more about theory and techniques of photography there is an interesting bibliography. You will find some of these items in your local library.

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