Boxing - From Chump to Champ

Boxing - From Chump to Champ A Simple 9 Step Boxing Manual for Beginners. Discover how Training Develops Self-Defense, Improves Physical Health and Builds Everlasting Confidence HUDSON, Andrew

Do you Want to Discover How to Box, Without Stepping Foot in a Boxing Gym? Well keep reading...

Boxing is a tough sport. This usually intimidates many people and prevents them from experiencing the benefits that boxing provides. Unfortunately, this may always be the case, but I am trying to put a stop to that.

Boxing provides you with many benefits that no other sports can provide and can easily fit into your busy schedule. The common stereotype of boxing is that it is only for tough people, well what if I told you that you can get into Boxing without getting hit once!

That's right, Boxing doesn't mean you have to get into the ring. Boxing from home is just as good as joining your local gym. You will be able to master the footwork basics, learn how to hold a stance, discover the different punch types and much more just from reading this book.

Furthermore, this book is for anyone. Whether you want to box to fight in the ring, or if you want to box for exercise, or if you want to build up your boxing ability at home until you gain confidence to join a boxing gym then this book will help you. Many people think that boxing training is just about who can land the most punches in a spar session, but it provides you with a whole-body workout to make you stronger, faster, leaner, more coordinated and mentally tougher. These attributes will prove to be a positive in day-to-day activities.

I aim for this book to help you more than what meets the eye, after coaching boxing to beginners for a few years, I am confident to say that you will experience the benefits like a slimmer body and stronger mindset if you follow the advice in this book. I have seen many people start boxing who wouldn't have been able to hurt a fly on day one, but over the years have built up confidence and ability to win their first fight in front of a crowd of 100, that goes to show that boxing is for anyone. Not to mention that in this book you'll discover:

How you can Improve Your Boxing Ability Without any Equipment.
The Simplest, yet Most Effective Punches and Combinations.
How These Simple Footwork Drills Will Make you a Better Boxer.
Many Defensive Techniques to Prevent Getting Hit.
Home Boxing Workouts that Will Help you Lose Weight and Get Fit.
The Diet Structure that Successful Boxers Follow.
What you can do to Build up Your Confidence Inside and Outside of the Ring.

Each day you spend considering making a change to your life, you will find it harder to solve any problems you have that are holding you back. That's why you should do it now, get into it with a fresh mindset and enjoy it. It may feel nerve-racking at first, but you will be making long-term changes that you will thank yourself for later on. Click "Add to Cart" to start your boxing journey!

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Andrew Hudson
254 pp.

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