Thank You, God

Thank You, God PALMERI, Milly

Thank You, God is not a fact book; it is a true version that I am sharing so that this generation improves and the future generation grows secure, happy, and productive.
We usually ask ourselves If God is alive or just a fictitious character. Let me tell you, I am living witness that God, Jesus, and Mary are real; I saw them in The Good Shepherd Church in Holbrook, New York, and also when I was sleeping, I had my own journey to visiting them.
Many other authors of books write stimulating phrases and quotations, but they do not explain the exact source of different changes that have occurred in the life and body of a human being. All questions that do not have correct answers lead people to a state of nervousness, anxiety, fear, and fall easy into panic. When they enter into a panic state, their life will begin to fall apart, and unfortunately, many lose their lives. All this happens to them because of lack of correct information of how the mind and body function.
Remember, we are pieces of God, so we are connecting directly His power by the right size of our brain. Only human beings have eternal life; nobody in the entire universe has it.
Jesus taught us to forgive, love, and help. Living on Earth is just an apprenticeship of this. Well, heaven exists, and there will be only those who learned and practice what Jesus taught us.
I knew hell, and I did not feel fear. The limbo shocked me, and when I got in heaven, I felt so good, and I wanted to stay there.
God: "My children has been destroyed because is not knowledge!" It is the reason why the book Thank You, God was written; so that everyone can reach a flourishing life.

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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
168 pp.

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