Your Toddlers's coach

Your Toddlers's coach Toddler Discipline & Montessori Disciplines SIEGEL, Jennifer

- How to make children do what you want even if they don't listen to you? (without using punishment, screaming and arguing).
To combat these behaviors, punishments and scoldings arrive, so that everything seems resolved; but it's only up to the next day, when it magically starts all over again (worse than in a horror movie).
You may think that it is the fault of the child who is too hyperactive or stubborn, and, obviously you also believe that it is your responsibility to educate him better, and it is difficult for you to see poor results.
"How to do it without using punishments, quarrels and challenges?"
The solution is to inquire yourself and read to learn more about the mind of your child.
It sounds difficult, right? Nothing could be more wrong, given that this easy and practical manual comes in handy: Montessori Toddler Discipline. With this guide, you will learn and find solutions to these problems. Inside it, you will find:
· The right method that few people know, to talk to children and make them listen to you;
· How to guide children's energies into straight paths (no, you don't need to raise your voice or use punishment);
· Why have people always tried not to promote this technique, even if it works?
· If you are an educator or student, or if you are simply a beginner self-taught, this book helps you to understand the foundations of the Montessori Method;
· Experts say that, to capture the attention of the child, specific methods must be used: I discovered what they are.

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Jennifer Siegel
212 pp.

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