Success Built to Last

Success Built to Last Creating a Life that Matters (paperback) Stewart Emery ; Mark Thompson ; Jerry Porras

Chosen by BusinessWeek as one of the top 5 books of 2006 in careers. Read the full story at Imagine discovering what successful people have in common, distilling it into a set of simple practices, and using them to transform your life and work. Authored by three legends in leadership and self-help - includingBuilt to Last co-author Jerry Porras - it challenges conventional wisdom at every step.Success Built to Last draws on face-to-face, unscripted conversations with hundreds of remarkable human beings from around the world. Meet billionaires, CEOs, presidents of nations, Nobel laureates and celebrities - the rich, the famous and the unknown. Meet unsung heroes who've achieved lasting impact without obvious power or charisma. Famous or not, most started out ordinary. Discover how successful people "harvest" their strengths and their weaknesses, their victories and their surprising failures. Discover how you can find meaning in your life and work just as they did and summon the courage to follow your passions. Above all, see how they've sustained successfor decades and you can too. Foreword by Senator John McCain Acknowledgements Introduction-From Built to Last to Success Built to Last Chapter 1: From Great to Lasting-Redefining Success Part I: Meaning-How Successful People Stay Successful Chapter 2: Love it or Lose-Passions and the Quest for Meaning Chapter 3: Portfolio of Passions-It's Not About Balance Chapter 4: Why Successful People Stay Successful-Integrity to Meaning Part II: ThoughtStyles-Extreme Makeovers Start in Your Head Chapter 5: The Silent Scream-Why It's So Damn Hard to Do What Matters Chapter 6: The Cause Has Charisma-You Don't Have to Be Charismatic to Be Successful Chapter 7: The Tripping Point-Always Make New Mistakes Chapter 8: Wounds to Wisdom-Trusting Your Weaknesses and Using Your Core Incompetencies Part III: ActionStyles-Turning Passion into Action Chapter 9: Earning Your Luck-Preparing for Serendipity by Using Big Hairy Audacious Goals Chapter 10: Naked Conversations-Harvesting Contention Chapter 11: Creating Alignment-The Environment Always Wins The Pleasure of Finding Things Out-A Look at the Research Behind Success Built to Last Endnotes Biographical Index Index

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Pearson Education (US)
304 pp.

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