Elephant #29

Elephant #29 The Art Culture Magazine

With over 200 pages of visual content, Elephant aims to have more depth and breadth than any other visual art magazine. It digs deeper, ceaselessly asking and enquiring into creative trends and art movements and innovative techniques. In recent years, creative individuals have started to react against the corporate nature of things, taking initiative into their hands and starting new independent ventures. Elephant looks at how people do that. How do they go about starting a new publishing venture? How do they then move from publishing their own comics to featuring them in national newspapers? How do they turn their personal interests and design skills into hugely popular websites? How do they turn their obsessions into global trends? These questions are particularly relevant as we wake up to this post credit-crunch period. Elephant visits art and design studios, sits by desks, steps on graffiti artists’ toes, disturbs rehearsals and interrupts takes, rides fixed-gear bikes and plays with the latest computer games. The ELEPHANT is always in the room.

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