The Anonymous Sex Journal

The Anonymous Sex Journal The solo issue

“Sex with one is just as important as sex with some,” the inside cover (penned by editor Alex Tieghi-Walker) reads. “Having had 12 months to collect stories has resulted in a rich and racy collection of anecdotes… As always, none of these stories have been edited; they are left true to form in the voice in which they were penned.” The resulting collection compiles both sordid and sweet tales of ménage à mois from anonymous submissions – see number eight, “My first sensation was from my electric toothbrush,” for an example of the latter. This issue is illustrated by the brilliant Laura Callaghan, and the stories are among the very best I’ve read in the zine – submissions are now open for the next issue, The Hotel Issue of Dirty Weekenders, which promises to be even more of a romp."

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