Gather Journal #5

Gather Journal #5 Caravan

The desert issue of Gather Journal uses the word “Caravan” as its guide. Inside, you will find an array of recipes that bear the imprints of deserts near and far. There is a chapter devoted to desserts inspired by the iconic visuals of one specific desert (Arizona’s Painted Desert), and another that examines the meanings, both literal and figurative, of an oasis. We pay homage to the beauty of succulents, dream up a kaleidoscopic array of cocktails, and highlight the sense of wanderlust that the desert has been known to inspire. AMUSE-BOUCHE & COCKTAILS Oscar Wilde once said: “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.” And it is the extreme excess, the unbridled extravagance, the boundless glitz of opulent Middle Eastern desert capitals that galvanized our vision for the meal’s beginnings. Potent cocktails aligned to the desert in spirit and ingredients; a golden platter of seemingly sun-scorched chickpeas and artichokes; chile-dusted jicama baubles paired with a salt crystal-encrusted chelada; and seed-dappled crispbread with a pickled cauliflower and pepper medley. All of it fit for consumption in whatever gilded palace you call home.For the meal’s headliners, our proverbial caravan plucked ideas from various corners of the globe. Skewers of paprika-painted chicken and lamb trek through the Middle East; a whole trout seems fit for a weathered cast-iron pan and late-night campfire cooking out West; our pizza transforms a Mediterranean classic into a desert panorama; dry rub ribs embody the torrid climate of the Southwest; and a hefty steak with long beans hearkens to remote Texas, where cattle ranches abound and the dusty ground is punctuated with rattlesnakes’ burrows.In September 1966, LIFE’s cover story focused on the phenomenon of LSD art: psychedelic works which aimed to simulate a “trip,” minus the drugs. Said one of the artists, “We try to vaporize the mind by bombing the senses.” Our desserts hope to elicit a similarly altered sensory state—a glossy, spiked prickly-pear jelly mold is a magenta-hued marvel of taste and touch; a Turkish coffee affogato has a dizzying, pulse-quickening effect; coconut pancakes take on the twisted appearance of woven macramé; and a rhubarb blackberry crumble is more than meets the eye, its tawny surface concealing a plush bed of fruit. Time to tune in and turn o

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