Works That Work #5

Works That Work #5 The Edges of Legality

Creativity often challenges generally accepted assumptions and standards. New ideas, after all, are new because they deviate from the norm, flout convention and break rules. But are there rules that shouldn’t be broken, and if so, who decides which ones? In olden times explorers set out to discover new worlds, new possibilities and new resources. Today we debate whether they were heroes and pioneers or opportunistic invaders who despoiled virgin territories, subjugated native civilisations and destroyed historic cultures. This issue of Works That Work explores creativity on the edge of legality and beyond. Faced with complex challenges, people worldwide try to change their fortunes by innovations that are judged differently in different places and different periods. We look at how international borders are enforced and also broken, what defines the idea of original or fake, how our lives are shaped by our belief in the authenticity of official documents, how prisoners make their lives more bearable by making imaginative inventions from contraband, and how creating your own currency can be a rewarding way to protect local areas. As always, these ideas were collected, researched and documented so that they can help us to improve our lives or the lives of others.

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88 pp.

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