Practising Social Work Ethics Around the World

Practising Social Work Ethics Around the World Cases and Commentaries BANKS, Sarah

Ethics is an increasingly important theme in social work practice. Worldwide, social workers experience common ethical challenges (how to be fair, whether to break a rule, how to act in politically tense situations) in very different contexts - from disaster relief in China to child protection work in Palestine.

This book takes as its starting point real life cases featuring ethical problems in the areas of: negotiating roles and boundaries, respecting rights, being fair, challenging and developing organisations and working with policy and politics. Each case opens with a brief introduction, is followed by two commentaries and ends with questions for reflection. The commentaries, written by authors from different countries, refer to relevant theories, concepts, practical matters, alternative courses of action and their implications. Features within the book include:

  • An introductory chapter covering issues of global ethics
  • Cases and commentaries drawn from across the world - from Peru to Finland
  • Cases based on real life situations and chapter introductions from leading authorities in social work and ethical theory
  • Questions and practical exercises to aid teaching and professional development
  • This book is a unique and accessible resource for stimulating ethical reflection, expanding ethical horizons and developing ethical and intercultural sensitivity. It is designed for use by undergraduate and postgraduate students and professionals in the fields of social work, social education/pedagogy, social care work, international social work, community development, community organisation, youth work and related fields.


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