Close Encounters With Jesus

Close Encounters With Jesus Bill Nichols

Can you imagine what it must be like to stand in the presence of God? The Gospels give us stories of that very thing. All through the Gospels people found themselves face to face with God in the form of Jesus Christ. As the encounters developed, the people found themselves confronted with their needs and desires. Jesus was ready to do something about their needs. He was not only ready, but he had the authority and power.

Lives were changed by these encounters with Jesus. The people who encountered Jesus were asked to believe and let their lives be changed. Not all did that. As we read the stories of encounters with Jesus, we may find our own stories in there somewhere. As Jesus moved through the days of his ministry, the blind were able to see. The lame were able to walk. People gave up their old ways for new life. The hungry ate. People who were dead were given life. As we read these stories, we can ask ourselves a question, "Does Jesus still do these things?" It is up to you to read about the encounters and decide for yourselves.


Lighthouse Publishing

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