Love Like the French

Love Like the French A Guide to Better Romance and Relationships BLAISE, Guy

Received yet another picture of the male anatomy? Wondering how to invite another man into the bedroom with you and your husband? Or looking for advice on staying in a relationship just for money?

The French have a different perspective on romantic relationships and love. American women settle for too little, struggle too much, and tolerate unsatisfying sex too often. It's time to travel to the most romantic country in the world and discover how to find the love you want!

In Love Like the French, author Guy Blaise reveals a Frenchman's perspective about American relationships, sex, and dating. If you're wondering if you're settling, this sexy guide answers questions from women like you with candid advice, offering everything you need to know for more passionate flings, sexual satisfaction, and fulfilling, balanced partnerships!

You're about to learn:

How French women turn their sexual fantasies into pleasurable reality-and how you can too.
Secrets to sync up sex drives when you and your lover have different libidos.
Tips for challenges like prying in-laws, age differences, and communication beyond the bedroom.
How to find the men that are worth "swiping right" on online dating sites.
Signs you've found the one to marry.

In France, romance starts long before slipping beneath the covers. Get Love Like the French now and empower yourself to find the pleasure and love you deserve-the French way!

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French Connections Publishing
160 pp.

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