Who killed Che Guevara

Who killed Che Guevara BOUHASSOUN, Jamal

The Trick
Ideas and theories have emerged in the last century that people believed were salvation. But the developments of the century in which we live have proven to some that the ideas of the last century were merely dreams entertained by ordinary people. But it was too late when some discovered that people were living somewhere on this planet, and politics were being hatched on another side of the same planet. Even, the press -Anywhere- was working in the same manner of those who wrote history. The press talked about what happened in the past but it didn't talk about what will happen in the future, with a few exceptions here and there that didn't reach the level of historical leadership. Thus, I believe that the world is on the brink of madness, at a time when our civilization should be more humane, especially since we have the weapon of reason. Dear readers, if you research, you may ¿nd more than I did, so share your knowledge with us. Therefore my book is still a ¿ctional story, and I'm waiting for some help to make it real.

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Nota bene: de coronacrisis beïnvloedt de levertijden.

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Jamal Bouhassoun
102 pp.

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