O, wonder magazine #2

O, wonder magazine #2 Sounds like silence Magazine

''The world we inhabit tomorrow is ours to envision today. O, Wonder! is founded on the conviction that humankind is endowed with the creativity and imagination to conceive the most wonderful things. It offers a platform for alternative ideas by creative thinkers and practitioners engaged in using art and culture to raise awareness about the relationship between man and nature. In so doing, O, Wonder! is helping to build a community of revolutionaries, idealists, freethinkers and radical innovators committed to our transition to a sustainable life.
Exclusively for O, Wonder! #2 artist Melanie Bonajo presents a limited edition print of her work. Völkerschau reflects on the way people treat animals by drawing parallels between idea's of early colonialism, human zoo's and contemporary attitudes towards animals. It warns of a future in which animals no longer exist, and have permanently moves their existence into the sphere of symbols.''

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