Dark Rule

Dark Rule D I Telbat

The COIL Series Christian suspense continues in Dark Rule, Book Three by D.I. Telbat, taking the reader from the South Pacific to the Greek Isles, from the depths of the ocean to the cone of an unstable volcano.

Nathan Isaacson-presumed dead by fellow agents, but having now been trained by master spy, Luigi Putelli-begins his solo spy career under ex-CIA Agent Corban Dowler. When Corban loses contact with a beautiful Chinese agent, he sends Nathan on a covert mission to the South Pacific to locate her.

As Nathan infiltrates the underwater exploration team of a dark foe bent on ruling at the expense of Christians, it proves to be a test for Nathan's spiritual and physical muscles.

Two years later, Nathan is sent on another assignment-one he is unaware has ties to his first mission. An ominous cloud hovers over the Island of Zalzuna in the Greek Isles as the volcanic island under communist rule is about to erupt. Nathan is to gain intel on missing missionaries before the light of the captive Christians is snuffed out.

Heather Kooper and her team of Special Forces Christian agents are called in to assist in a possible covert rescue attempt. Following the trail of the missing Jamison family, the team unearths a dark scheme. Special Forces COIL Operative Nathan Isaacson prays he can save the defenseless from the extended claws about to ensnare them all-even if it costs him his life!

Join the COIL team once again to find that . . . there is no redemption without sacrifice. Dark Rule, with cover design by Streetlight Graphics, includes three illustrations, and Endnotes about the Vision Beyond Borders ministry to the persecuted. Dark Vessel, COIL Book Four, follows Dark Rule.

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen
Nota bene: de coronacrisis beïnvloedt de levertijden.

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In Season Publications
384 pp.
Engelstalige literatuur

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