Azeema #2

Azeema #2 Huia Magazine

Azeema is an independent magazine exploring strength within Middle Eastern/North African women and Women of Colour.
The Huia (Identity) issue is a collection of powerful, beautiful and honest features, touching on issues of strength, self-love, sexuality and mental health within Middle Eastern and North African women and Women of Colour. In this issue, Azeema talks the punk scene and otherness with Nadia Tehran, explores sensuality and art with Yumna Al-Arashi, takes a lesson in fitness and faith from Ruqsana Begum, dives into WAFIA’s ethereal music and draws thoughts on self-expression from visual artist Balqis Alrashed. Azeema also visually explores ideas of strength, identity and independence.
This magazine is made especially for girls with the courage to rebel.
The aim is to empower, not to offend.

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