Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world

Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world fareed zakaria

Praise for Fareed Zakaria's previous works:

"Fareed Zakaria has been consistently brilliant in his analysis of world affairs but also something far more rare; he has turned out to be right. Now he has produced another masterpiece of insight."
- Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein

"Rarely does a young author and journalist come along in possession of a prophetic brilliance, near-perfect clarity, and a stirring eloquence that combine to inform his readers concerning what lies ahead on the international landscape. Such a person is Fareed Zakaria...In writing this book, Zakaria has performed a great service to America and the rest of the world...Readers will be greatly enlightened and richly rewarded by Zakaria's exquisite understanding of international relationships, global politics, and economic development."
- Claude Lewis, Philadelphia Inquirer

"A work of tremendous originality and insight...[M]akes you see the world differently."
- Timothy Noah, Washington Post

"Fareed Zakaria, whose wise and perceptive editorials...should be required reading for policymakers around the planet, has written a minor masterpiece...[R]ead Zakaria to know what has, should and will happen."
- Jason Burke, Guardian

"Zakaria's provocative and wide-ranging book is eminently worth reading...His book displays a kind of argumentation, grounded in history and political philosophy, of which there is precious little these days, particularly among opinion columnists."
- John B. Judis, Foreign Affairs

"Zakaria...may have more intellectual range and insights than any other public thinker in the West."
- David M. Shribman, Boston Sunday Globe


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