Collection of Documentaries #4

Collection of Documentaries #4

C.O.D is a body of work, a collection of documentaries, exploring the essence of youth culture in modern day society. The magazine which began with a focus on Britain, and its influence worldwide, has now spread to focusing its interest on youth culture, in all its forms, wherever it resides. A selection of photographers, writers and creatives have curated a collaborative body of work in a celebration of the old, the new, the unseen and the overlooked. Issue 4 continues to grow Collection of Documentaries’ unique exploration of its themes. Michael Salerno returns with an haunting collection of photo-collages, and Fanny Schlichter dazzles with her sharp perception of youth and with the coolness of her work. In Collection of Documentaries there remains an edge, for the magazine, while being physically and visually exquisite -a collector’s item- always pursues the truth behind youth culture, and its realism, which is reflected in the work of the photographers, writers and creatives who search for this truth within themselves and the world. Collection of Documentaries is extremely unique in its rejection of any online presence. We believe that in a world of social media and information overload, what is actually covetable is something that people can hold, that they can collect and value.

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