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Milk Decoration eng Style and inspiration for contemporary tribes

It’s a strange old world! Today antique dealers aren’t just selling rare objects, they are also designing furniture; not satis ed with imagining new fragrances, noses are also creating the bottles to put them in; designers aren’t just creating objects, but works of art; and architects are going one step further too delivering new ways of living, rather than simply designing houses and apartments. Creative vision is seen as a global affair by this group of avant-garde aesthetes we could perhaps best loosely describe as artists. For them, the creative act can only be envisaged in total freedom. It is radical and modern. And what better example than architect couple Zoe Chan and Merlin Eayrs on the cover of this issue. Tired of only being involved with only one part of a project when working for other rms, they have totally transformed their activity by opening their own studio. Now they apply a global outlook, a holistic, made-to-measure take on creativity, thanks to which they can express their trademark love of craftsmanship.

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