The Plant #13 Winter 2018

The Plant #13 Winter 2018 And nature became an extension of my body

A creative view on greenery
As a curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery, The Plant presents a monographic on a specific plant and brings together photographers, illustrators, designers, musicians, writers and visual artists; both established and emerging, from all over the world, to share their perceptions and experiences around plants.
With this issue, we have arrived at number 13. And each time we bring the pages together and print them we close a cycle. Each issue is like a ritual, marking the passing of time, always identical but always different.
This issue features tales of gardens, labyrinths and the smell of tobacco. And trees - their stable and atavistic presence served as cultural frameworks since the beginning of civilisation, carving life stories and inspiring works of art. By drawing upon depictions of these particular worlds, the stories organically merge.
There are many trees in our lives, some accompany our daily journeys, and others are deeply embedded in our memories. The Cuban artist Ana Mendieta transformed herself into both woman and tree. She used the landscape, trees, earth, leaves and blood to explore her own biography, body and identity. Mendieta created her own space: "I became and extension of nature, and nature became an extension of my body."
We like to think of this magazine, in part, as our own space - designed for exploring the nature and making it more intense, more fascinating and more real.

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