The Preserve Journal #2

The Preserve Journal #2 Magazine

The Preserve Journal is an independent print magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more responsible, transparent and sustainable food culture.

The Preserve Journal Issue no 2 124 responsibly printed pages filled with independent and self-published curiosity exploring a more sustainable, responsible and transparent food culture. Issue no 2 features; A Poem For Spring by Bindu Dev Foraging in Christchurch’s Red Zone by Sam Wilton Activist home-kitchen gestures by Emmy Laura Perez What’s soil got to do with it? by Nena Foster The Microbiologist vol II “Bacterial Metabolism” by Ane Brødsgaard Beyond Fermentation vol. II; Wheat, soil, and health by Kathe Kaczmarzyk Zero3: Attaining zero carbon, zero waste and zero food miles by Jason Morenikeji Starting a Market Garden: A Young Agrarians Experience by Emily Harris of The Plot Market Garden Incorporating elements of Self-sufficiency as a means of breaking patterns of consumption in society vol. II; Interview with David Zilber of Noma Fermentation Lab by Will Dorman Spring out, spring up, and into the forest! A foraging guide to spring by Klara Rask Of Food oasis and deserts by Debbi Wolfarth The Responsible Restaurant feat Bo.Lan by Sebastian Reichmann Harnessing the potential: Microbiome and its impact on health by Nikoline Nygaard A Chef & The Seasons vol II; Interview with Mikkel Karstad by Michelle Skelsgaard Sørensen Austr-aliens by Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun of Prometheus_lab The joy of food and words by Barbara Sweeney of Food & Words Australia Paradise lost and Boon, Found by Palisa Anderson A Poem For Summer by Bindu Dev

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