Flipgrid in the InterACTIVE Class

Flipgrid in the InterACTIVE Class Encouraging Inclusion and Student Voice in the Elementary Classroom MERRILL, Joe ; Merrill, Kristin

Are you looking for ways to engage your students online?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to virtual learning?
Have you been searching for ways to connect with students in your classroom?If so, you are ready to dive into Flipgrid in the InterACTIVE Class!

Flipgrid is an educational platform that is free and accessible to teachers worldwide. Using simple video tools, educators can engage their students, families, and community in meaningful discussions and learning experiences.

Classroom teachers Joe and Kristin Merrill have seen firsthand how the practical ideas they share in Flipgrid in the InterACTIVE Class can impact learning. By equipping teachers to design both more opportunities for students to share their voices and create more equitable learning experiences, Flipgrid opens the door for interaction and discussion in the elementary classroom.

In this idea-packed book, you willLearn how you can see and hear from every student in class and foster fun and supportive social learning.
Explore how you can take learning outside your classroom and connect with educators and students around the globe.
Discover how to safely incorporate social learning into the classroom while protecting the privacy of students.

"The Merrills have put together a practical guide to help any teacher maximize this amazing video-response tool in their classroom." -Kasey Bell, teacher, author, speaker, blogger at ShakeUpLearning.com

"Put this book on your must-read list!" -Julie Smith (@JGTechieTeacher), K-5 edtech consultant, blogger at The Techie Teacher

"The ideas in here are ones that you will want to try in your classroom tomorrow!" -Mike Tholfsen, principal product manager, Microsoft Education

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