The Tribal Code

The Tribal Code Timeless Lessons in Survival and Success OWEN, Jo

The Tribal Code shows what it takes to survive and succeed in a tough world. Tribes have survived far longer, with far fewer resources in far harsher environments than most modern firms. So maybe, just maybe, we can learn something about survival and success from these great survivors.
The Tribal Code is based on 20 years of original research with tribes around the world. It also reflects work with over 100 of the best, and a couple of the worst, firms on our planet.
With inspiring stories and lavish pictures, you will discover timeless lessons of survival and success:

what it takes to be a leader people want to follow

how to be sure to beat your competition

how to build a team which works together

why you need to keep on changing and adapting

why excellence is a survival dead end

how to survive in an AI world

why we succeed and why we should enjoy our success

The author is the only person to win the CMI gold award three times for his best selling books, which include How to Lead, Mindset of Success and Global Teams. He practices what he preaches and is the founder of eight NGOs, with turnover above £100 million annually.

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.

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