His Infernal Juggernaut

His Infernal Juggernaut *A Pulp Fiction Space Opera* RAIN, Torey

It is the far distant future, five thousand years after the Divine Deliverance of Earth. For Starship Captain Marie Antoinette, escaping to the stars has become second nature, a fulfilling necessity--a means to control outcomes. Suddenly, though, everything Marie thought she wanted falls into question when her starship is savagely attacked and destroyed by an unsettlingly familiar cyborg. Crash landing her escape pod on the stealth juggernaut, Hout, Marie soon realizes that a powerful villain from her past has taken control of the robot world and wants to eradicate her from existence.

Fleeing Magnus' pirate henchmen, Marie and LUCY, a small odd-ball andromatron with dual personalities are forced on a perilous journey into the forgotten depths of Hout. Along with an outcast mech-imp named Quilp, Corvin, a raven avian-droid general, and the renegade Aramen mage called Nines, Marie navigates the treacherous interior.

Vicious battles, systems hacks, harrowing escapes, rescues and cypher gates guarded by ancient megalithic robots lead Marie to the mysterious source of the "dark code" and face to face with the resurrected monster from her past.
Through it all, Marie must learn how to overcome the past, come to terms with the child she carries and embrace the duty of her future. (If only she can keep her head).

JUGGERNAUT contains mild sexual situations, violence, intense robot wars, religion questioning, baby trouble and endless and unapologetic amounts of melodrama.

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.

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352 pp.

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