Buddha's Office

Buddha's Office The Ancient Art of Waking Up While Working Well ZIGMOND, Dan

There's not enough of us who are truly enjoying our work. Too many are working long hours at jobs they can't stand. Many are suffering from non-stop stress or lack of resources or miserable behaviour from colleagues or clients. Or maybe work is just fine for you, but you just wish there was a little less of it. Does anyone really enjoy answering emails and texts at all hours?

It doesn't have to be this way. Buddha knew this, without ever setting foot in an office. Though he never held a job -- Buddha knew that helping ordinary people work right was essential to helping them find their own path to awakening. Buddha's Office will help you do just that -- find a way of working that is "right" in every sense of the word: right for you, right for your health, right for your sanity, and right for the world.

You don't have to become Buddhist either. Buddha never used that word, and might not be thrilled with the way people use it today. He believed in paying attention, taking care of ourselves, and waking up. Like anything worth doing, there are no shortcuts, but this book will show you how Buddha's simple instructions apply to our everyday lives in the office or on the job. Before long, you'll find yourself waking up while working well.


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