Carnival Chaos

Carnival Chaos BJ Wingate

Rebecca Whitlock is an ordinary woman working in the business field when she witnesses a murder. Desperation and fear have her running for her life with no idea where she might end up. A small setback lands her an opportunity to hide out in a carnival where she hopes the bad guys won't find her, but she can't hide from the handsome carnival owner. Does she even want to? Blake Cavanaugh inherited Cavanaugh's Carnival when his father died in a supposed accident. An ex-cop who can practically smell danger meets up with Rebecca and senses she is in trouble. She may be calling herself Anna, but he knows in his heart that she is lying. He can tell she is running from someone or something, but who or what he has yet to learn. He has to keep her close to protect her, but does he dare? Would he be protecting her only to put himself in danger? Or is it just his heart that he fears to lose?

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394 pp.
Paperback EPUB
Engelstalige literatuur

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