Religious influence on American politics. The 2016 elections in context

Religious influence on American politics. The 2016 elections in context BRIETZKE, Madi

Essay from the year 2015 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: USA, , language: English, abstract: The influence of religion on the American political landscape has for a long time been a subject of inquiry. Past findings and existing theories on the sociology of religion maintain two opposing views on the way that religion has influenced contemporary American politics. However, a closer review of the US system reveals an apparent commanding influence of religion on dominant religious rhetoric and voting patterns. Polarization has worked to motivate the masses to approve of foreign policies and even war in the case of the events after the 9/11 attacks when America invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

At the present polarization continues to be a motivating element for religious rhetoric and possibly voting patterns considering the 2016 elections. Trump being the leading republican presidential contender is an example of the influence of religion in the US politics, considering his wholesale war propaganda on Islam. His stance and political status at the present is going to play a major role in the final outcome. It is based on this premise that we suggest the ongoing influence of religion on American politics in the 2016 US presidential elections will guide the result.

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