Two Eggs Three Yolks - Learning to Hear and Follow God

Two Eggs Three Yolks - Learning to Hear and Follow God CHERBONNEAU, Jan & CHERBONNEAU, Allen

Richly punctuated with stories and illustrations, Two Eggs, Three Yolks is a practical guide to learning to hear the Lord or to hear Him better. It is didactic, prophetic and personal- an invitation to hearing by way of teaching, exhortation and example. The centerpiece, an extended illustration of how the hearing process functions in practical application, and from which the title derives, details how Allen and Jan were led to adopt their three Russian children. The book is both intensely charismatic and solidly evangelical- a spiritual guide for believers, and an interest-piquer for unbelievers. Using the themes of adventure and romance, Two Eggs, Three Yolks begins by enticing the reader to step into what the book has to offer: the opportunity to be in a living and active relationship with God by learning to hear and follow His voice. Part One sketches the events in the authors' personal backgrounds and histories which set them on the own journey to hearing, and which changed the very course of their lives. Part Two begins by examining why God speaks, follows with the nitty gritty mechanics of beginning and developing the disciplines of hearing, including small group participation and journal keeping, and continues with an examination of the ways in which God speaks, concluding with looks at such issues as discernment, blocks to hearing, problems in learning to interpret, and, ultimately, teaching others to hear. Part Three is a full-blown life example drawn from the authors' own profound experience of being led to the adoption of their three Russian children. The book concludes with two appendices, each consisting of a selection of twelve words: the first on various topics ofinterest ranging from earthquakes to spiritual warfare; the second on the topic of hearing God itself. In and through it all runs the authors' deep desire that their readers fall in love with the Lord and learn to discern His voice and obey His words, that they might "have life, and have it abundantly." Jan Cherbonneau is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher and writer. She has a B.A. in History from the University of Connecticut, an M.A. in Religious Studies, with an emphasis on Biblical archeology, and four years' classroom study at Trinity (Episcopal) School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Allen has a B.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts, an M. Div. from Trinity, Ambridge, and is an ordained Anglican priest. He has served at several churches in Pennsylvania and Alabama. He is especially fascinated by the interface between science and theology. Their busy lives include writing, homeschooling, and pastoring a small home fellowship, as well as owning and managing a school fundraising business. Allen and Jan live in northeastern Alabama with their three adopted Russian children, where they eagerly continue their amazing eighteen-year journey of learning to hear and follow God. Allen and Jan would describe themselves as "out of the box" Christians whose interests and passions include prophecy, apologetics, holiness, the current state of the Western Church, reaching this generation in creative ways with the gospel, hosting foreign exchange students (they've had five), the development of spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, small group ministry, the restoration of five-fold ministry to the Church, healing in all of its forms, the preparation of the Church for the returnof the Lord, and above and undergirding all, the practice and teaching of hearing God. They love to write and to talk about things of eternal significance with people who care. Books in the works include a companion to Two Eggs, Three Yolks entitled Hearing and Healing, an in-depth look at the profound and essential connections between listening prayer and physical, spiritual and emotional healing, and also the tentatively titled Up From the Ashes-?, a prophetic look at the current state of the Church and what needs to be done to bring true revival.

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.


Dog Ear Publishing

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