Starsitter DANA, Andrea

Dinner with vegetarian gangsta-rappers? Temper tantrums over classic designer logos? A last minute curling-iron crisis? All in a day?s work for twenty-seven-year old Grace Daniels, the unwitting guardian to Maddy Malone, Hollywood?s next teenage it-girl. Plucked from her Chicago day job as an Interior Designer, Grace is thrust into ?starsitting? at a local movie shoot when her Aunt Lana begs off sick one day. On the set, Grace meets Maddy, the temperamental and questionably "talented" young starlet. Grace manages to endear herself to Maddy and Maddy?s only-too-happy-to-be-absent mother by somehow navigating the teen's outburts and mood-swings. How can Grace refuse when they ask her to go with Maddy to Los Angeles as her adult accompaniment. Once in LA, a bewildered Grace tries to keep her Prada-toting charge happy as she shepherds her through photo-shoots, radio interviews, and morning hangovers. When Grace isn?t shielding Maddy from her ?fans? or helping her dodge calls from her publicist, an exhausted Grace finds herself catering to the every whim of her almost A-lister. As Grace grows more accustomed to Maddy?s ways, she begins to understand that despite the celebrity guise, Maddy is really just a kid struggling to look cool in front of her friends without getting crushed by the pressures of Hollywood. Inspired by a true story,StarSitterdepicts how handling a young celebrity may be more hazardous than glamorous to one?s mental health.

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.


360 pp.

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