The business composition

The business composition how to compose, conduct and perform business that moves customers and delivers results Floris E. HURTS

Music can do what many companies would like to do: reach peoples hearts instantly, time and time again. In most cases that is not a coincidence but the result of careful creation, planning, practice, sensitive cooperation and managed performance. Sounds like business, doesnt it? Find out what your business can learn from the way professional music is created, performed and appreciated. The Business Composition reveals many remarkable similarities between the worlds of music and business, and presents inspiring lessons for business leaders, managers and their teams. It focuses on a highly influential element that is often overlooked: the composition that binds and activates all performers and stimulates teamwork, to create a moving and repeatable effect for and with the audience, i.e. your customers. Author and customer value expert, Floris Hurts, explains why and how the principles of composition can help companies become more adaptive to change, keep workers energized, improve performance, increase customer value and strengthen preferred supplier position. The Business Composition will change the way you look at building business, moving customers and achieving results you can be proud of. About the author Floris Hurts is an experienced business consultant, lecturer and writer with a passion for innovation in the field of services. His consultancy, HDNM, works with public and private companies to improve their value to customers and raise their market position. His earlier writing work includes De Onmisbaarheidsfactor (The Indispensability Factor), which was nominated for the Dutch best management book award in 2006. His lectures on customer driven strategy in post-academic business courses have inspired hundreds of business managers and leaders.
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Warden Press
130 pp.
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